Why asphalt?

Asphalt is the surfacing material for over 95% of all UK roads as well as for footpaths, playgrounds, cycle ways and car parks. Its inherent qualities of flexibility, efficiency of construction, ease of maintenance and value for money make it the number one choice with more than 20 million tonnes of asphalt produced each year in the UK.

The pace of product development is rapid and the UK industry is driving towards the production and use of more sustainable asphalts through the increased use of recycled materials and reducing energy consumption by lowering mix temperatures.

Benefits of asphalt

  • Enhances road safety by maintaining high skid resistance and reducing spray
  • Reduces tyre/road surface noise
  • 100 per cent recyclable back into road surfaces
  • Use of lower temperature and/or reduced energy asphalts cut carbon emissions
  • Improves ride comfort
  • Durable – design life of at least 40 years
  • Quick and easy to lay, cutting down on lengthy roadworks