Key Facts

Did you know?

  • Over 20 million tonnes of asphalt is produced every year in the UK
  • Asphalt is 100% recyclable
  • There are 275 asphalt plants in the UK
  • Asphalt roads account for over 95% of all UK roads
  • The strategic road network (SRN), managed by Highways England, represents 2% of our network. The remaining 98% is managed by local authorities
  • There are 4,436 miles of SRN in England: 1,865 miles of motorway and 2,571 miles of trunk A-roads (Source: DfT)
  • The SRN receives nearly x10 the level of funding for maintenance from the DfT in comparison to the level of funding provided for the local road network.
  • Funding provided for local road maintenance by the DfT in 2016/17 was around 0.3% of its total asset value (£400 billion)
  • £9.79 billion is need to bring local roads in England and Wales up to scratch
  • Almost 1.7 million potholes were filled on local roads in England and Wales during 2016 – one every 19 seconds
  • It is 20 times more expensive to carry out reactive maintenance than planned, preventative maintenance