18 August 2021

Paving the way for lower carbon roadworks

The Government’s low carbon agenda has moved another step forward with today’s announcement by Highways England to encourage the use of Warm Mix Asphalts (WMAs) as standard on our key routes.
The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA), which represents the asphalt industry, welcomes the move which could help cut the CO2 emissions associated with asphalt production by up to 15%1.
The use of WMAs also saves time and money and reduces disruption for road users. And, although WMAs now account for a significant proportion of the asphalt laid worldwide – almost 40% of production in the USA and over 15% in France – uptake in the UK has previously been hampered by red tape and the need for expensive and prolonged approval processes for its use.
Rich Green, Chair of AIA said: “The AIA has long-advocated the role that WMAs can play in reducing carbon emissions, improving efficiencies and delivering health and safety benefits. This includes our support in 2019 of the All Party Parliamentary Group’s (APPG) for Highways (now renamed the APPG for Better Roads) ‘Working for Better Roads’, report which encouraged the uptake of WMA solutions
including by the removal of practical and procurement barriers that prevented its use.
A lot of the research and development of WMAs has already been proactively supported by, and delivered on roads managed by, Local Authorities in partnership with AIA Members to help build the confidence in using these materials.
1 Using WMAs can reduce CO2 emissions associated with asphalt production by around 15% depending on specific product and plant
“This move by Highways England will reduce time and costs associated with seeking specific approval and will pave the way for the wider adoption of WMAs on local roads which represents 97% of the total network – delivering scalable carbon reduction benefits.”
For more information, please contact:
Samantha Stagg or Madeleine Hardman, AIA press and information office:
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E: info@asphaltuk.org; W: www.asphaltuk.org

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