25 November 2020

Comment on implications for local roads following Autumn 2020 Spending Review

Rick Green, Chair, Asphalt Industry Alliance, commented: “Our local roads played a vital role in keeping the country functioning this year, supporting the emergency services and facilitating the distribution of food and goods, and today’s funding announcements reflect that the Government recognises the need to invest in the local road network as we build back […]

1 September 2020

Rick Green, Chair of the Asphalt Industry Alliance, comments on the recent DfT announcement to carry out road audit to map potholes:

“The Government’s announcement to carry out a road audit to map the location of the country’s potholes will certainly highlight the scale of the problem. “Identifying millions of potholes, however, is not really the problem. As our Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey illustrates, the issue is long-term underfunding and the resulting £11 billion […]

30 June 2020

Local road maintenance must get fair share of Government infrastructure investment

 AIA calls for fair share of investment for maintaining local roads  The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) is calling for local road maintenance to receive a fair share of the Government’s planned infrastructure investment earmarked to stimulate the economy. With £100 billion of spending pledged and £4 billion of ‘shovel ready’ projects identified[1], the AIA advocates […]

23 March 2020

25 years of ALARM and still no silver lining

The findings of this year’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey indicate that, while a step in the right direction, the Chancellor’s additional £2.5 billion pothole pledge is not enough to plug the gap in local road maintenance budgets, let alone the rising backlog of repairs.  Now in its 25th year, the ALARM survey, […]

11 March 2020

Implications for local roads of March budget

“Over £1 billion has been wasted chasing and filling potholes on local roads over the last decade[1]. What’s needed is sustained investment in effective road maintenance to improve the condition of our local roads and help prevent potholes forming in the first place. “The £2.5 billion extra funding over five years announced by the Chancellor […]

14 January 2020

Investment needed in local roads

COMMENT FROM THE ASPHALT INDUSTRY ALLIANCE ON THE NEED TO INVEST IN THE LOCAL ROAD NETWORK “Over £1 billion has been spent on chasing and filling potholes over the last decade* – what a waste. What’s needed is investment in effective road maintenance, which will improve the condition of our roads and help prevent potholes […]

28 October 2019

Response to the TSC’s report

“We agree with the Transport Select Committee’s report and the Government’s response on the need for a long-term approach to investment in highways maintenance.

4 September 2019

Statement following the Chancellor’s Spending Review Statement

Statement following the Chancellor’s Spending Review Statement

1 July 2019

Comment from AIA on Transport Select Committee’s report ‘Local roads funding and maintenance: filling the gap’

“With our own ALARM survey highlighting that there is a highway maintenance backlog of more than £9 billion, it’s no surprise that the Transport Select Committee has concluded that the local road network needs investment. “Local roads are the lifeblood of our economy and communities and we support the Committee’s call for a significant and […]

26 March 2019

Local roads investment still falling short

There are signs that an increase in local authority highway maintenance budgets is stemming the decline in the condition of the local road network, but the increased investment is still falling short of the amount needed to maintain local roads to target conditions. This year’s Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey, published today (March […]