28 October 2019

Response to the TSC’s report

“We agree with the Transport Select Committee’s report and the Government’s response on the need for a long-term approach to investment in highways maintenance.

“Our Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey* highlights that [in England only] there is an average annual shortfall of £4.1m per authority in highways maintenance budgets, with a £8 billion bill to fix the backlog.

“We believe that an extra £1 billion, each year for 10 years, [England only] is needed to bring road conditions up to a level from which they can be maintained cost effectively going forward. We hope those in control of the purse strings will heed the calls for a significant long-term settlement.”

Rick Green, Chairman of the Asphalt Industry Alliance.

* ALARM 2019 reported that local authorities need £9.8 billion (£7.97 billion, England only) to bring the network up to scratch. However, improving the network cannot be carried out on a straight-line curve – all work cannot be carried out at the same time and parts of the network will continue to deteriorate in the meantime. This is why a sustained 10-year period of additional £1.5 billion investment (£1 billion extra for England only) is needed.

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