5 October 2023

AIA responds to Government commitments to invest in road resurfacing

Commenting on Government announcements to redirect transport investment, including £8.3 billion into road resurfacing to ‘end the scourge of potholes’, Rick Green, Chair of the Asphalt Industry Alliance said: ““Funding for the local road network has fallen short for many years resulting in declining conditions and a rising bill to put it right.

“Local roads are the first and last mile in any integrated transport network, delivering passengers and goods to their final destinations. The Government announcement to invest in resurfacing schemes to tackle the backlog of repairs and to help smooth journeys across the country has the potential to be a game changer for local authorities. But, ring-fencing and surety of funding over the long term will be critical to ensure that highway teams can implement the most cost-effective approaches and use materials in the most sustainable way.”

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