8 March 2018

AIA comment on pothole day

08 March 2018


“We should be focusing on improving the overall condition of our local roads, rather than wasting time filling in potholes.

“Potholes are a symptom of poorly maintained roads. They need to be stopped from forming in the first place by providing cash-strapped local authorities with sufficient funds to ensure they are kept safe and fit for purpose.

“The AIA has been campaigning through our Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) survey for more than two decades to reverse the long-term underfunding of local authority highway maintenance budgets. Past reports have acknowledged that the lack of funding has undermined the resilience of the network and that local authorities have stated that they would require £12 billion to bring the local road network up to scratch.

“Our 2018 ALARM survey will be published on Tuesday, March 20, with in-depth qualitative and quantitative data submitted from over 60% of local authorities across England and Wales, including London.”

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