23 November 2017

AIA comment on 2017 Budget

22 November 2017


Please attribute quotes to Rick Green, Chairman, Asphalt Industry Alliance

“It is good news that the Chancellor recognises the importance of infrastructure in underpinning our economic future but, while today’s announcements may be good for connectivity, local roads feel like the forgotten relation.

“Politicians might like the kudos and column inches associated with unveiling new schemes and innovations but, a continued lack of investment in maintenance, means our local road network will keep on deteriorating.”

Notes to editors

The Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) is a partnership between the Mineral Products Association and Eurobitume UK. It draws on the knowledge and experience of both organisations to increase awareness of the asphalt industry and to promote the uses and benefits of asphalt.

The AIA produces the annual ALARM survey to provide a detailed picture of the condition of the local road network and enable insightful analysis of road maintenance and funding issues.

Our latest ALARM survey reported that local authority highways departments estimated that the time required, given adequate funding and resources, to bring the network up to scratch would be 12 years and would cost £12.06 billion.

The full report can be downloaded at: www.asphaltuk.org. Please attribute any figures quoted to the AIA’s ALARM survey. 

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