15 February 2021

AIA Chair comments on pothole fund allocation

“Potholes are a symptom of an under-appreciated and underfunded network. To keep essential services across the country moving and looking to recovery post-COVID, what’s needed is further sustained investment in effective road maintenance. That will help improve the condition of our local roads to prevent potholes from forming in the first place.

“Last year our Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance (ALARM) Survey 2020, reported that it would now cost £11.14[1] billion to bring our roads up to scratch – up from £9.31 billion the year before.  So, while cash-strapped local authorities will no doubt welcome this year’s allocation from the Pothole Fund, it is still a fraction of the amount that’s needed and will not address deteriorating conditions and the rising bill to put it right.”

[1] Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey 2020 reports that the estimated one-time catch-up cost to get roads back into a steady state, from which they can be maintained cost-effectively going forward in line with asset management principles is £11.14 billion. See https://www.asphaltuk.org/alarm-survey-page/


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