Safety solution: coloured asphalt, Doncaster

A striking coloured asphalt has been used to highlight a hazardous crossroads on a new housing estate in South Yorkshire.
Aggregate Industries supplied its SuperColour red asphalt to Doncaster Council for use at crossroads along the single main road running through the 1,800-home estate. The 180 tonnes supplied replaced block paving which had deteriorated in just eight weeks and its success in achieving the safety, colour and durability requirements has seen its use extended across the town.

“Typically when people think of asphalt, they think of the standard black variety,” said Victoria Smith, General Manager for Express Asphalt at Aggregate Industries.
“But, as modern construction practices and building design has evolved, so has the choice of asphalt, with today’s market offering an explosion of colours to suit almost any application.
“Coloured asphalts combine functionality, durability and aesthetic appeal as most mixes can incorporate pigment with no effect on performance.”
In playgrounds and on sports pitches, for example, where an overriding objective is water permeability, porous asphalt mixes can be used in bold primary colours to create a striking result that offers longevity.
And, in bus lanes and cycleways, where safety is paramount, coloured asphalt enhances safety and traffic management through the creation of colour-coded demarcation areas. It can also be used to give a more natural finish that helps the hard surface blend with its surroundings.
“Colour is now increasingly playing an important role in the design of our most valued public spaces,” added Victoria Smith.
“Whether it’s parks and green spaces, or roads and football pitches, black asphalt is no longer the only option to meet the requirements of modern culture.”