Annual independent survey

Each year the Asphalt Industry Alliance (AIA) commissions an independent survey of local authority highways departments in England and Wales.
The Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance Survey (ALARM) aims to take a snapshot of the general condition of the local road network, providing a means of tracking any improvement or deterioration. At the same time, questions are asked related to funding, the type of maintenance carried out and the issue affecting maintenance service levels, to help provide context to the results.
By collating and publishing this information for local authorities, the AIA seeks to give a voice to the views of those responsible for maintaining the vast majority of the road network.
The 2018 ALARM survey – the 23rd annual report – highlights that you could drive almost around the world on the length of roads in England and Wales that could fail in the next 12 months. Cash-strapped local authorities report that more than 24,000 miles of road have been identified as needing essential maintenance in the next year.